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Amelae Physiology

The Amelae were originally created to be the most human-like species, especially physiologically, in order to show a contrast to the other humanoids of Aeniith. Yet still there are some common trends amongst them that should be noted.

Average Height:
Males: 162cm; Females: 155cm

Average Weight:
Males: 71kg; Females: 60 kg

Average Lifespan:
Males: 93; Females: 101

Skin color varies depending how close the equator the individual's ancestors originated. Tones range from pale (tinted pink, blue, or golden) to dark brown. Most Amelae native to Ei are paler, while those originating in northern Quarios tend to have darker skin. In central and southern Quarios (Gotevi and Lomilin), the skin tones tend to be tan or olive.

Hair varies with skin tone. Brown and black are the most common colors, statistically speaking. Blond and red are also seen, especially in Ei.

Eyes are usually quite large compared to human eyes; the sockets themselves and thus the eyeballs on average are bigger. The iris of the eye also tends to be larger. Color range from brown or black to grey. Blue and green eyes are rarer.

Amelae originating in hotter climates tend to have longer, thinner limbs than those from colder climates. This allows them to release more quickly from their body. Their ears also tend to be bigger for this reason. Amelae from Ei tend to be, on average, shorter and stouter than those from Quarios.

Mental abilities:
One in every few million Amelae has telepathic and/or empathic abilities. However, in most cultures these abilities are viewed as abnormal and many telepaths and empaths are persecuted intensely, and eventually go insane due to the stress of their unbridled powers on their minds. On rare occasions, some Amelae telepaths have gone to the Tosi, who also have a mutant telepathic gene, but who have established an underground society in order to help restrain and temper the strong powers that drive many Amelae insane.