Bayën is the language of the Bayë, a group of social humanoids living on Aeniith. Bayën exists in five main dialects. This grammar sketch is for Bayënfrinna (or simply Bayën, as it is called often), which is the most widely spoken amongst the Bayë (many Bayë may know two or more dialects, usually including Bayënfrinna) and the best known amongst outsiders.

Bayën is a highly agglutinative language, meaning it compiles many morphemes into single words. It also has a declension system of nine cases, five tenses, five aspects, three voices, and three modes. It is also unusual in that it uses both case markers and adpositions.

Bayën has a nominative/accusative verbal system, which means that it treats subjects of intransitive verbs and agents of transitive verbs similarly. It also displays syntactical nominative/accusative features.

It has a fair-sized phonemic inventory consisting of twenty-three consonants and five vowels, making for a total of twenty-eight phonemes. Bayën is “consonant-centric” and has many different acceptable consonant clusters.