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Conlang Resources

The following are links to various websites that either I myself consulted at some point in my conlanging/world construction or that I just like and think would be helpful to the current/potential conlanger/world developer. If there are any dead links here at any time, please email me to inform me. I expect to increase the number of links here in the future.

IPA and Phonetics Info

International Phonetics Alphabet
Homepage for the International Phonetics Alphabet.
IPA Keyboards for Windows (DSHPS)
From here you can download an IPA keyboard layout for your computer. This version works with Windows PCs. (See below for the Mac version.) This is what I use to type in IPA and I find it the easiest and most efficient way of writing in my conlangs. It is also useful to download the Charis font from the SIL website mentioned, since this displays all the symbols and is (in my opinion) more attractive and easier to read than Lucida Sans Unicode (which also display IPA). Charis (and its predecessor, Doulos) are based on Times New Roman.
IPA Keyboards for Mac OS X (NRSI)
This is a direct link to the page from where you can download the above IPA keyboard layout, but this is compatible with Mac OS X.
A small glossary of basic phonetics and phonology terms.
A larger glossary of general linguistic terms, including phonetics/phonology.

Orthography Info
This a great site that documents all sorts of writing systems, both dead and living, both those constructed by individuals and those that developed naturally over time. If you are looking into creating a writing system for any type of language, this is a great place to start your research into the world’s orthographies.

Conlang and Conworld Info
This site has some tips on world building in general, from a more fantasy/sci-fi point of view. It also has an intro to conlanging (centered around conlanging for conworlds/artistic/natural conlangs in particular).
Language Construction Kit
Title is self-explanatory. This gives the basics of building your own language. It’s very easy to read and understand. Also, check out the rest of Mark Rosenfelder’s site.
A database of conlangs.
ConLang LiveJournal
A Livejournal community about conlanging.
World Building LiveJournal
A Livejournal community about world-building.