Rílin Deities


The main Rílin goddess. Her philosophies promote pacifism, conscientiousness, isolationism, passivity, prudence. She has strong laws against violence, cruelty, and disruption of harmony. She is also the matron of storms, precious metals, the sea, seafaring. She is usually depicted in traditional Rílin art as a young Rílin woman with grey skin and gold hair and eyes, usually amongst stormy waves of the sea. The Ríli (and post-Flight, the Lunauli Ríli) are known for their traditionally strict adherence to the idea of total pacifism, even in the face of invaders. The question remains whether ɪfɪnʃɛ was the root of the longstanding tradition of pacifism or was the Rílin belief in pacifism the root of their religion?


The sister of ɪfɪnʃɛ. In Rílin mythology, she questioned the strict pacifism of her sister. Her actions and teachings in the myths were clandestinely erased from many official documents on Rílin religion, due to the growing support of isolationism and pacifism amongst the Ríli prior to the Flight. However, after the Flight, the Sunuli (the Ríli that stayed pointed out the presence of dema’s philosophies and stated that this allowed for defensive combat without going against their religion) revived dema and she became the center of their worship during the long war with the Tosi.