Rílin Superstitions

Modern Ríli are a fairly rational and scientific people, but that hasn't completely erased some old superstitions and false assumptions that have existed among the masses throughout their history.

It was a common superstition that drinking the amniotic fluids of a woman who has recently given birth will increase longevity and health.

It was believed that having two butterflies of the same species land on you was good luck.

It was a superstition that disobeying one's grandmother's financial advice would bring back luck.

Rotten onions were thought to invite bad luck.

It was thought that to get the blood of someone else on one's skin linked one to this person in some way.

It was believed that letting one's baby cry for too long could cause it health problems later in life.

Coffee was believed to cause insanity.

Seeing a turtle was thought to be good luck.

Having a bird land on one's shoulder could either signify god or bad luck: good luck if facing forward, bad luck if it was facing backward.