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Seloi Language


Seloi is the language spoken by the Selupa, a people of the zuna race originating from the far eastern coastal area of the Izoi continent in Elta.  It is an isolating language and has no case system, employing rather prepositions to mark constituent role. It has three tenses, two modes, and three voices. The phonology is fairly simple, involving only ten consonants and six vowels. Vowels are prominent in the phonology.

Seloi exists in two dialects, each of which is used in a different social domain (context)—the formal dialect is used only in the contexts of top governmental or religious situations or rituals—the vernacular is used in every other context. The vernacular is that which is described here, as it is by far the most known and widespread. The formal dialect is in fact an archaic form of Seloi that has been preserved through ritual usage.