Tosi Emollients

Due to the cool, arid climate of Tos the process of unction was deeply ingrained in Tosi culture. Everyday upon waking, all Tosi would rub their bodies down with various kinds of emollients, the type depending on the part of the body to be moisturized. The process was usually repeated at midday and again before sleeping at night.

The torso and limbs were rubbed with oil derived from figs and lavender; the hands sometimes shared this emollient, but otherwise received thin almond oil; an especially thick butter derived from goat’s milk and various nut oils was used for the feet; finally, a light cream, usually imbued with lavender or rose oil, was massaged into the face.

The Tosi names for these emollients were as follows:

am untiThe Main Oil
fig and lavender oils
gunra untiThe Abundant Oil
almond oil
ʃov untiThe Rich Oil
goat butter and nut oils
riːm untiThe Gentle Oil
thin sheep milk cream with rose oil

The quality of one’s emollients depended on one’s socio-economic standing, but the basic ingredients were universal through much of Tos; they were slow to change throughout the years and became markers of tradition and Tosi pride.