Tosi Language

The dialect of Tosi described here is called tʃuŋ tosi, or High Tosi. This is the language spoken by the upper middle classes, most urban civilians, and the nobility.

Tosi has a phonemic inventory of twenty three consonants and five vowels with two phonologically distinct lengths. The most common syllabic structure is CVC.

Morphologically, Tosi is highly isolating. It often uses particles for various grammatical functions. It has a nominative/accusative verb system. Its word order is SVO. It has two marked tenses (future, past), three voices, two modes, three different copulae. Modifiers usually precede head nouns. Nominalization and verbalization are done with derivational particles usually following stems.

Tosi also exists in four minor dialects, known as mor tosi (western Tosi), xur tosi (south Tosi), ʃiraː tosi (the trade language version of Tosi), and sil tosi (a dialect spoken on the island of the Selupa people in the east).